A new look at an old favorite.


PROJECT NAME: 741 Edgewood
Our Plan: Bring Happiness to the Neighborhood

741 Edgewood, originally built in the 1930s, was home to AAA Electric Motor Service for 68 years before becoming a photography studio and creative space. This charmingly revitalized neighborhood-retail building resides in Atlanta’s first streetcar suburb, Inman Park, established in 1889. We bought the building many, many years later, and worked with a talented team to reimagine, plan, and lease the space.


Just a block or so from the BeltLine, and out of the fray, days here are spent indulging at Revolution Donuts and/or meditating at Kadampa. The area once saw fierce action during the Battle of Atlanta in 1864, and is now gratefully a place where you can practice meditation and enjoy a nice treat. Our dream of bringing “World Peace and Donuts” to this amazing community is a vision we’re glad to have played a small part in making come true.



The lion’s share of the credit for today’s vibrancy really has to go to Revolution Donuts, and the new owner, Kadampa Meditation Center. They both poured heart, soul, and out-of-body experience into this labor of love.



Sometimes it’s the simple things in life we enjoy the most. We believe it’s this type of colorful, tasteful, small-scale, creative development that brings the biggest smiles to a neighborhood. Want one? Try the Dark Chocolate Yeast Donut next time you’re in the ‘hood!