The revitalization of the
city's oldest public market.

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PROJECT NAME: The Curb Market
Our Plan: Revitalize the City’s Oldest Public Market

On May 21, 1917, a massive fire burned through 73 blocks of Atlanta leaving in its wake hundreds of acres of scorched earth. Imagine it. Where the city’s oldest public market stands today was nothing but char and cinders. But if there is one thing Atlanta is good at, it’s rebuilding.


To provide an impetus for growth and to support commerce and community in the area, the Sweet Auburn Curb Market rose from the ashes. Money raised from the Atlanta Women’s Club and others in 1918 helped build the structure you see today — designed by A. Ten Eyck Brown, a renowned architect who also designed The Fulton County Courthouse. From these humble beginnings, the market has grown, surviving recessions, poor management, and urban decay.



Now, as the Sweet Auburn Historic District experiences something of a renaissance, The Curb Market is set to take its fruitful place at the center of both the birthplace of the Civil Rights Movement and a robust tourist area. But, before friendly faces began hopping off the trolly to grab a head of lettuce or some seafood or pralines or a burger or BBQ, plenty of work had to be done.

Gene Kansas | Commercial Real Estate was the first-ever real estate firm brought in to market and lease the property. Our charge: Bring it to the next level. And we succeeded.

First, we spent three months studying, preparing, and designing Atlanta’s NEW Curb Market. We launched a PR campaign that resulted in national, regional, and local coverage. We were even named in USA Today as one of the top international markets in the world. We brought in fresh, mouth-watering tenants like Le Metro Creperie, Panbury’s Double Crust Pies, and expanded Rawesome Juicery among other additions and improvements. Most of all, we made the market fun, smart, and approachable again. We’re happy we did. Oh, and when you visit, don’t forget to try Miss D’s Pralines

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